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BBQ has always been about bringing families together. It is an age-old tradition that heralds back through the centuries. Families huddled together over a crackling fire or an open grill spending time together. Sharing stories. Making memories that last for generations.

At Lil’ Bubbies, we’re committed to making better BBQs while bringing families back to the table. That’s why every time you buy a bottle of our delicious, mouthwatering OG sauce, 10% of the net sales go towards supporting familiy adoption. Start a family tradition with Lil’ Bubbies BBQ. 
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Where It All Began

30+ Years Ago

To begin this story, we must rewind 20+ years ago. Sierra City Grill was a legendary spot in our little town of Oakhurst known for their BBQ Sauce and Tri Tip Sammies. It was one of our most favorite places to eat and Tom and Deanna the owners became special friends. In 2001 we surprised Clark (the boss of Sauce)’s for his 40th Birthday celebration with all his friends, family and fellow firemen. (see picture below) Later on that year Tom and Deanna were burnt out from the restaurant business and were looking to relocate to Hawaii and retire. Tom came to Clark knowing how much he loved to BBQ to see if we would be interested in buying the BBQ sauce. Clark declined at that time due to busy fire seasons and our young family taking precedence. From there, Tom & Deanna sold the sauce (originally known as Sierra City Grill Sauce which had been changed to Sticky Lips) to Dave the meat guy at Raley’s Supermarket, who then several years later turned around and sold it to a friend, Mindy. After Mindy bought the BBQ sauce company from Dave (Sticky Lips) she married Roger who by chance was one of Clark’s best friends from Cal Fire and had fought fires together for the past 20+ years. Several years went by and Roger & Mindy worked the BBQ sauce till they were finished around 2017 and were looking to sell it.
The Family and our Recipe

The Present

In October 2019, we bought Sticky Lips BBQ, and we were ready to go! On Oct 25th, we put in the trademark for Sticky Lips and discovered someone trademarked it, ONE DAY PRIOR...DARN IT! So we worked our buns off to come up with a name. It was a tough go!

So our dilemma was now, what do we call this amazing sauce? Growing up, our youngest son Colton, was coined the nickname, Lil’ Fella, and he called his older brother, Bubbie. After a family visit to Arizona, we had shared with our family about the name of Sticky Lips being taken, our Nonie that morning after much prayer came back with our new BBQ sauce name - “Lil’ Bubbies”. We knew instantly, it was meant to be ours. We then applied for the Trademark, and received notice later that year it was ours.
Where We Are Going

The Future

Our company’s mission is to have our BBQ sauce be a part of bringing families back to the dinner table. Share stories, make memories and help families enjoy a meal together. As a company, our hope is to spread awareness about child adoption and help fund families during this process of creating a family. That's why 10% of net proceeds from sales go toward programs that aid in child adoption, and you will be apart of the adventure with the purchase of this bottle. High Five - way to go!

Welcome to Lil’ Bubbies BBQ!

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