Return Policy

If by chance your tastebuds were not working, you ordered too much, or if you’ve changed your mind and you would like a refund. You will have 14 days from the time of purchase accompanied with a receipt. Sauces and rubs must be intact and in original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

Please send an email to _____ and a photo of an UNOPENED bottle. You will be responsible to cover shipping costs and once you’ve sent it back we do require a tracking number.

The refund does not cover shipping costs.

Cancellation Policy: Order can only be canceled before shipping has taken place by 5 PM PST of the day of purchase.

“Dang, that is some smokey sweet tang! With the perfect finishing touches of tomato and vinegar this sauce has the perfect layers and flavor blend. From the first taste to the lasting linger, this sauce both honors its origins and lays claim to the future where families gather around the table.“
“This sauce has the best combinations of sweetness with kick in there too. You can taste the smoothness as well as a distinct bbq flavor. Some high quality sauce for sure, and if you know the story behind it you can be confident you’re supporting something great bringing families together!“